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“Raindrops on roses… Few of my favorite things!”


It has been raining non-stop for two days now, and I LOVE IT 😀

Most people don’t seem to like the rain, and I’m not quite sure why  I guess everything does seem more tedious and clumsy when it’s all wet and soggy outside, but the only times I scurry through the rain are the times when it is cold, or when the wind is whipping everything around, or both- like today. But on other days, like yesterday when temperature was somewhat mild, and until the hurricane winds hadn’t made their way to my part of the world, I did try to walk slower than usual through the parking lots, from and to my car.

I attribute my love of this otherwise-unwelcome form of precipitation to growing up in India, and the annual phenomenon called the Monsoon. After a long, oppressive summer with temperatures creeping upwards of 100 degrees, the rain was such a welcome reprieve, until the next summer of course 🙂 I remember anxiously waiting for days when dark clouds would fill the sky, bright bolts of lightning darting towards the earth, loud claps of thunder reverberating through the air, and just like that, the sky would open up and start pouring down- oh, the precious droplets of liquid joy! And especially heavy rains meant no school 😀 Much like snow days here, there are rainy days in India, and what it really meant to me was not being stuck in a classroom but playing outside in the rain instead; just the thought takes me to a happy place! To be standing in the rain, facing the skies above- in those few moments it does seem like all my cares have been washed away!

There is something very pacifying about water, and very cleansing, and not just when it’s falling down on me, but also when it’s all around me, or even just in front of me, like an endless ocean beyond the beach. A friend once shared with me an article she came across that hypothesized that being in water reminds us, at a subconscious level, of the security of being in the womb and floating around in the amniotic fluid so we are naturally drawn to water. Perhaps, though it’s not the first thought that comes to my mind, then again, that’s the whole reason why it is ‘subconscious’, duh!

Anyway, when I think about being in water, I imagine being weightless, I imagine drifting away, I imagine all my burdens sinking to the bottom while my ethereal soul staying afloat. Besides, swimming is also an excellent work out 😉 Living in Buffalo, swimming year round can prove to be a challenge, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on joining a health club with indoor pool only to find out that you have to share the lap lane with too many people! There was one instance recently when I was so stressed nothing besides swimming was going to bring me any peace. All the public swimming pools I tried reaching out to were closed either for the day or for the season. I was so desperate I ended up checking myself into a hotel just to be able to monopolize their swimming pool! We’ve all done crazy things all right 😛

So what is all this leading to? Nothing. I really just wanted to ramble on tonight, make a grand declaration of my love of the wonderful water! And as I am writing this, I am listening to the rain simulator, Rainy Mood. So try this, and I insist 🙂 Find yourself a quiet corner, turn on the simulator, close your eyes and shut off your mind. Just listen to the rain and let it soothe you- you’re welcome (in advance) 

And here’s a fair warning- DO NOT TRY THIS AT WORK because chances are you will fall asleep 😉

I hope that the next time you are caught in rain you will try to close your eyes and catch some of those droplets on your face and smile 🙂