Below is how this page used to be when I just started out. But recently, I’ve decided to take this blog into a new direction. Instead of being a simple chronicle of my life, I want this to be a guide for anyone else who is seeking strength to endure whatever life has thrown their way. Also read this for the reinvented purpose of this blog.

About me? I have always found that to be a tough question to answer. One’s perception of self is usually not the same as that of others. So if I tell someone who finds me stupid that I am smart, whose opinion would count? For somethings in life there is no empirical evidence.

Since this is my blog, you are going to have to take my word for the start. Maybe you will develop your own opinion about me over time. When you do I hope you will share it with me, correct me when I am wrong, and tell me when you disagree.

Few things that are sure as sun and moon in the sky- I am a girl, born and raised in India, living in the US for last 9 years. Single, and recently 30, hence the title.

I love writing. I always knew one day I was going to write more than an article or a poetry here and there. But I didn’t know what I was going to write about. When I was 16 I wrote a novelette about a girl who turns blind at a young age but grows up to be a famous pianist. I called it Shades of Blue but due to some disagreements I had with the publishers back then, that never saw the light of day.

I have had a very good life. But something changed recently that made me decide to start writing again. My first post will give you a better idea.

This blog is simply a chronicle of my life in the form of lessons I learn each day. I hope you’ll enjoy the story of my life.

Thank you for visiting,



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