US Immigration: Even Hillary and Trump don’t get it


A message for the Presidential candidates: the problems of immigration go well beyond the issue of illegal immigration. With no caps on certain kinds of visas, and excessive and redundant vetting processes for the same group of people, Homeland Security budget and resources are being wasted, workload is overwhelming, and frankly, unnecessary; hard working people remain stuck in limbo for decades while problems at the borders continue to remain. Two approaches, both extreme and flawed in their own way, yet neither truly comprehensive or groundbreaking… And the reason? Because people don’t understand the full scope of the issue. People like me don’t speak up because we have too much to lose. But I lost it all once already and I survived. So I am talking, and hoping that one day my message will be heard by America.


2 thoughts on “US Immigration: Even Hillary and Trump don’t get it

  1. You did an exceptional job on this. First, hello to Milo in the background! I know you and I have discussed this topic many times so I’m not sure I have anything to add to what you have very skillfully stated here. You have really gotten very good at these. You speak passionately and sadly though there may be some who react the way you have spelled out here, there are people like me who are listening. Pulling for you.

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  2. Thank you Robert!! Supporters like you give me hope, and more importantly the confidence to speak up and not feel like I am jaded. I really care about this country and feel that what I went through is a unique perspective that cannot be ignored. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂


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