Legal Immigration: The Untold Reality

Excerpt Foreigner

Immigration has become a hot topic these days, thanks to a certain political campaign for the upcoming Presidential election. But I can hardly blame the politician or his campaign because if he has come this far it is because there are people who support him. This election has brought to surface a side of America that I did not think existed. I did not think there was so much hatred, bigotry and ignorance lurking beneath the surface, so much darkness behind a glorious exterior.

So many people think immigration is a problem in this country and that the immigrants should be sent back. But has anyone ever stopped to wonder that perhaps there might be another side to this story? There are people like me who did everything right and have still lost everything- I don’t even have enough money to leave if I wanted to! The immigration system has robbed me of everything I had worked so hard to achieve. And just because I followed the law, I don’t even quality for a Presidential pardon. America is forcing people to become illegal because, quite frankly, it is much easier that way than try to fight the good fight.

Read my memoir, Foreigner: the Urban Legend of a Legal Immigrant, to learn more about the lopsided immigration system and the many injustices built into its very fiber. It is a system of oppression that allows discrimination and exploitation to blatantly flourish. Ebook and paperback available on Amazon (order here).





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