Let’s make America great again? Sure!

Everyday, for over eight months now, I have been amazed by the ignorance that has made its way to the core of America. Many people know what happened to me, many of them feel bad for me, some even agree it is injustice, but just exactly what it is no one cares to know. No one wants to hear me out, they just shower me with sympathy. I don’t want sympathy that is rooted in ignorance, I want your opinion that comes from knowing the whole, entire truth about something. No wonder you have politicians you cannot trust because you have never demanded the whole truth.

Immigration, as media and politicians have told you over and over, is a problem. It is all about people crossing borders illegally or seeking asylum. But that is a very small part of the picture. Immigration is also about people like me who were welcomed here for the money they were going to flush into American universities, and then were mistreated and forced into servitude. American people are not the real victims of immigration, the immigrants are- people like me who want to do the right thing but have no means to do so. I have no rights or freedom in this country although I have lived here, legally and honorably, for 9 years now.

Why doesn’t anyone want to know this side of the issue? Why doesn’t anyone want to ask questions? Why isn’t anyone curious if, in fact, the immigration system has reduced me, and the likes of me, into economic slaves to corporations who control my very existence? I was nearly ruined by one such corporation and the laws gave me no protection. This is your country and those are my claims- why doesn’t anyone want to have this discussion with me?

To those who say they want to make America great again, here is my response-
If you want to make America great again, ask questions, know the whole truth for yourselves and not just blindly follow what you have been told. Learn to treat people the right way, irrespective of the country they are born in. Acknowledge the discrimination that is built into your very laws and stand for justice. Foreigners have just as much right to be free as do Americans. You want to send us all back “humanely”, sure, I will sign up. But this is what it would mean to send me back humanely:
• Return the money that I have fed into your Social Security and Medicare programs because I can never avail to their benefits. I was abruptly let go from my job, and the nature of this termination is as yet questionable, but I still did not get unemployment benefits. Stop stealing my money!
• Relocate my household to my home country or pay me the original price for all of my belongings. I was allowed to settle down here. It is not my fault that I acquired material things. And just because you don’t want me here anymore, I am not going to sell everything for pennies or donate it all because I cannot afford to move everything on my own. Show me some respect.
• Pay for me and my dependents to go back and make sure our transition is as seamless as it can be. Even when you rescue wild animals you take great care in reintroducing them to their habitat. I am not a wild animal- I am a human being, a civilized one! I cannot just leave one day and learn to live in a place I haven’t lived in for many long years.

If you can do that, I will leave your country to you. But know that I never treated this like ‘your’ country. I treated it like mine, and I loved it. If you want to be bigoted then be so openly. Don’t hide behind your ignorance. Everytime you show hollow pity for someone like me who is on the brink of deportation for no apparent reason, you are embracing ignorance and you are becoming part of the problem.

Want to know my side of the truth? Read my memoir Foreigner- the Urban Legend of a Legal Immigrant, coming soon on Amazon.com. Ebook available on Kindle.




One thought on “Let’s make America great again? Sure!

  1. Playing catch up with all the posts I have missed. Your argument here is completely valid and sound. To me a huge problem in society today is consistency of thoughts. People claim to support one thing, but often their views are riddled with inconsistencies. Immigration is definitely one of those issues and in this brief snippet you have done a wonderful job. I’m so proud of your work!


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