While I was away…

It has been really long break. Although I have been quiet, I did not give up writing. I was writing elsewhere, that’s all!

I had been working on the manuscript of a memoir. All of you are familiar with my struggles with immigration that had been going on for last several months. I have decided to finally stop fighting and return to India. But I don’t want all of my struggles to have been in vain. I may have lost this battle but I am not yet defeated. My memoir, called Foreigner, details the many injustices of the US immigration system that cost me everything that I had earned through honest hard work. I hope that as you have supported me on this blog, you will support me in voicing my experiences through this book as well.

I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did. If US does not want immigrants, it’s time it came out and made that known openly instead of letting unsuspecting people like me come here, stay here, call this place home for 9 years, and then kicking us out for no apparent reason. It’s time that this hypocrisy ends. May be US needs a vote too- in or out- of the world economy? Like Brexit, they too must openly admit to their dislike for immigrants and face its consequences, positive or negative. But no more exploitation, please!

This book is not just my attempt to highlight the atrocities of US immigration, it is also my only hope to earn a way out of here. I have spent every last dollar on trying to stay here and fight the good fight. Now I have nothing left, not even enough to even buy my way out. I will forever be grateful for your support.

The book is currently under review but I will post a link here when it is available for purchase through Amazon and Kindle.

These past few months have not been easy but I continue to hold on to hope and wait for the light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel.



6 thoughts on “While I was away…

  1. That’s not a ‘like’ for liking this post. In fact its an anti-like 😦 Having read your other posts and getting to know you a little bit I KNOW that you well and truly mean what you say, and what you say here hits me hard. I absolutely hate that people who skirt the law and rules seem to be unpunished, while the ones that do everything allegedly right like you have get punished. And for what? I realize the flat our fear and hatred out there right now under the guise of ‘immigration’ but everything you have written about is far beyond those issues. I’ll do whatever I can to help you friend and get the word out there about your book. But congratulations nonetheless on writing something so major that will be useful.

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    1. Thank you Robert! And hope you’re enjoying your big day, btw 🎂
      What keeps blowing my mind is the fact that the people of America, every single person that I have come in contact with, genuinely feels the same way as you do. Nobody stands for this injustice yet it is the law! If it does not represent what it’s people believe in, then what is the point of a law? I just want the people to know the truth and ask their government this same question. It’s all I can do within my limited means. As always, truly blessed to have you in my corner 😇

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