Love is Love


(Picture has been borrowed from the Internet)

It’s been a long, hectic day and I’m only now getting around to writing something. Since I’m pressed for time, I’m picking an easy one for today- LGBT rights. And by easy I mean there is only one way to look at it. We are all people and we must all have same rights and freedom. So my views on this subject are identical to my views on women’s rights– why is it even a topic of discussion?

Who are we to decide what love looks like? I am a girl and I fell in love with a boy, yet everyone still keeps telling me it’s wrong. From an outsider’s point of view he wasn’t a nice guy. He didn’t treat me with kindness or respect. But it’s my life and only I know what we truly shared. I may refer to him as playboy but I don’t believe that he is one. He is just someone who is really scared. And I am ok with that. I still love him. It’s not a choice that I’ve made it’s simply what my heart truly and deeply feels. So how can anyone else say that it isn’t love?

Similarly, how can we, as a society, tell anyone what their love should look like? Just because two people aren’t of the opposite sex does not mean their love is any less meaningful. I respect the fact that different people have different views. For some, their view of the world and how it ‘should be’ is guided by various cultural or religious influences in their lives. But a mature society is where we don’t impose our beliefs on other people- we live and let live. And more importantly, we respect everyone because they are people just like ourselves.

All the barriers some of us adhere to exist only in our minds. We may look different on the outside but what it all comes down to is one simple fact- we are one species, Homo sapiens, and we all deserve the freedom to live our lives the way we want, love who we want, marry who we want.

Below is a YouTube link to ‘Love has no labels‘ commercial by the Ad Council. This video conveys the message so much better than what words could ever do. Just watching it brings tears to my eyes. I wish one day we can live in a world where we don’t just say that we’re all equal but actually practice it too. For that, we first need a leader who believes in it. Here is a link to Sen. Sanders plan to fight for LGBT equality.





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