Making Happiness


Sometimes, the most remarkable things can happen in life. It was a mere two days ago when I said I didn’t have much going for me. It’s not that I was writing from a place of self-pity, or that I hoped to garner sympathy. It was simply an observation about the state of my life measured against the common barometer of ‘success’. And although it might give the appearance of lack of success right now, I am quite happy with my life because I don’t doubt my choices, and perhaps more importantly, I haven’t given up hope. It wasn’t always this way, and it wasn’t easy getting here, but through perseverance, and perhaps some good fortune, I have managed to find peace.

I’ve often heard people talk about the power of manifestation. If you send positive energy into the universe, the universe will send positive energy back at you, and if you can maintain this exchange long enough your thoughts and desires will  eventually manifest themselves. Now, I am a fairly rational person so I don’t identify with something as hyperbolic as that right away. But this weekend has certainly swayed me towards the believer-end of the spectrum.

Saturday started out being an ordinary day. I recently joined a local Meetup group and I was going to attend my first lunch get together with them. I was supposed to meet the others at the restaurant at noon; I expected to spend no more than two hours there, then go for my weekly hot yoga class later in the afternoon. I arrived at the restaurant at the designated hour and made my introductions with the three other ladies who were already there. As the hostess guided us to our table, I realized that it was actually four tables joined together, set for nearly 30 people! I thought, “wow, all those seats for us?“. Slowly more people started showing up, and indeed, the table was soon full.

Lunch was less than spectacular to be honest, but I had great people on either side and across from me, and conversations were truly captivating. I have a bad habit of losing interest quickly but I must say, I didn’t find myself reaching for my phone to glance at the time, or hoping there was a message I absolutely had to respond to. In a couple of hours people began leaving, but not our end of the table. There were five of us and we were immersed in discussion that kept going from one topic to next spontaneously. I did eventually check the time, only to realize that I had already missed my yoga class.

I will spare everyone the details because as it turns out, I didn’t get home until 1.30 in the morning! Of the five of us who were left, one person bid farewell reluctantly as he had prior commitments he couldn’t get out of. The rest of us proceeded to Starbucks for coffee and eventually to the chic Mall Rd (pictured) for dinner and few drinks. I had never met these people before that day in my life, but the way I connected with them I felt like I had known them forever. There wasn’t one dull moment in the 13+ plus hours that we spent together and conversation flowed naturally. When I woke up yesterday morning, I had no friends here. I was optimistic about making new acquaintances at the Meetup but I ended up concluding the evening with a group of people who went from being total strangers to acquaintances to friends in a matter of few hours! What’s more, I think I’m going on a date with one of them tomorrow. I say I think because I’m not entirely sure if it is a date. We became such good friends that when he asked me this morning if I wanted to watch a movie tomorrow, I couldn’t tell if it was a good pal asking or a guy I just met 24 hours ago. I don’t care if it’s one or the other, I’m just glad to have my social life back.

So going back to the power of manifestation- I don’t know if this was just a coincidence or the universe does actually resonate and reflect our energy. Since the beginning of February, I had been feeling a surge of positivity, that in turn helped me find serenity. I must have been radiating all this positivity and serenity into the universe and now the universe has sent it all back to me, only twice as much. There is no way to prove it but I daresay, it’s well worth a try. We have all heard that happiness is a state of mind, and we all know that sometimes no matter how hard we try, it’s just not possible to get to that state of mind. So instead of forcing ourselves to be happy, maybe we just have to focus on being positive.

Despair is an emotion too and I have never believed in denying any emotion, good or bad. Unless we acknowledge an emotion, we cannot find a way to deal with it. So we have to acknowledge despair but at the same time, also look for the slightest sliver of optimism and focus on it instead. Thoughts are like building blocks, we can keep stacking them one on top of another. Dwell on a negative thought and soon you have an insurmountable pile of troubles. So we must first and foremost learn to keep our thoughts in check, and then only dwell on the positive thought, daydream a little! (And only a little because thought without relevant action is no good). The thought will soon give way to positivity emanating from within. And maybe, the universe will start reflecting it back, and maybe we will be able to make good things happen. We haven’t got anything to lose by trying, so why not, right?



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