“I get by with a li’l help from my friends…”

IMG_3226Yesterday was an off day, if I may say so. Feel free to chime in if you agree- I can take some constructive criticism 🙂 We’ve heard enough about the boy who wouldn’t marry me, the pal who wouldn’t support me, or most recently my parents who just want me to be married! Today let’s talk about the people who keep me going, who are always in my corner, who may agree to disagree but who will never abandon me.

Before I start, I want to clarify my usage of certain terms as it may not concur with their commonly accepted meaning. When I say my ‘best buddy’ I mean someone I share my day to day joys and frustrations with, maybe get a drink with from time to time, but mostly because of the proximity. A buddy in my world is lower in ranking to a friend. A buddy is just, you know, buddy, a fair-weather friend. S/he will flee when dark clouds are looming. Friends, on the other hand, are buddies in good times, but they stick around in tough times too, like family would.

Now that we have that down, let’s talk about friends, my friends. I have said before too that I have a great group of friends. They are the smartest bunch of people I know who also somehow manage to be the silliest at the same time 😛 They can make me laugh, and not just a small giggle or chuckle, but a serious stomach-churning full-out guffaw that literally makes my face hurt 😀 Even if someone told me I could go out and design my friends, I would not have been able to think up such amazing people, honestly, their awesomeness begins where my imagination ends!! And I know ‘awesomeness’ isn’t a real word, but that’s just how perfect they are- they are always there when I need them, they offer me good advice without being condescending and no matter what I do, they never judge me! We don’t have to have a serious conversation for me to feel their warmth and care. I don’t have to break down in front of them to know that they will pick me up if I fall. Whenever we are together, we are more or less incessantly laughing, but I know they feel my pain.

It takes a lot for me to cry in front of someone, and it’s not because “big girls don’t cry” 😉 I won’t speak for other womenfolk, but if you ask me that’s just a myth that someone needs to dispel! But until that happens I am going to speak for myself and let me tell you I cry a lot, A LOT, but in my own private space 😀 I find it hard to let someone else see that I am weak and vulnerable. But I have two very special friends, who I also fondly address as ‘mom‘ and ‘dad‘ quite frequently, and yes, they are indeed a couple. They have seen me in my weakest, most dismal moments. They are the friends whose place I could go to uninvited, in my jammies if I wanted to, crash on their couch and ask them to feed me 😀 And I have done all of that, the only thing I haven’t done is take my laundry over to their place or they would officially become my parents 😉 They moved away last summer and although they may not be around for the usual buffoonery, they are never more than a text or a phone call away when I really need them. By-the-way, besides being a phenomenal cook, my mom also happens to be an exceptionally talented artist- you can check out her work here.

So that’s all about friends who are like family. But what about family? Yes, my parents and I have difference of opinion in certain matters, but I suppose that is typical for any family. They are still my friends in number of regards. But there is one person in my family who never gets the full credit she deserves- my baby sister 🙂 Being the youngest in the family, she often gets written off as being childish and immature. Frankly though, she is far from it. With a pigheaded me on one side, and my parents on the other, she has been doing the most arduous job of striking a balance between all of us. I spend most of my evenings chit-chatting with her, about nothing in particular, or nothing that even makes sense! But it’s enough to brighten my day. All the sisters out there would know exactly what I’m talking about. There is no friend like a sister! We are very different people, and unlike my friends, she and I don’t share the same outlook on a lot of things, yet her love and support are unwavering and I owe a big part of my sanity over the last few months to her 🙂


Well, I wanted this to be a quick post- so much for that 😛 So yes, I keep taking all the credit for being a positive person and all that kinda stuff, but the truth is that if not for these cheerful influences in my life, I would find it very hard to hold on to hope. They put a smile on my face when I need it the most and I get reminded that life is beautiful 🙂


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