Jibber jabber, this that, and thus carried on Pat!

IMG_2691HIYA 🙂

So what should I write about tonight? Thanks to the Daily Post prompts, I had something to ramble on about last couple of days. As we have already established I LOVE to talk; additionally, this is turning into a near-compulsive habit, so now I am anxious to get a post out there tonight, but not quite sure about what, hmph! This is getting a First World Problem tag for sure 😉

Well, I must congratulate myself first! If I do manage to publish this entry, which I will, it will be my 11th- that’s a milestone because now there’ll actually be something on the other side when you click on the ‘older posts‘ button at the very end of my homepage 😀 It also calls for a show of gratitude- so thank-you to all those who have encouraged me and followed me since the beginning, and welcome and thank-you to anyone new. I hope we will celebrate many more milestones together 🙂

So i guess it would be apt to make this a flashback entry. When I wrote my first post, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how far I would be able to make it. My life was a mess, still is, and I just wanted to be heard! Most people, from what I have noticed, are rather secretive about their problems, and I don’t mean first-world problems, those we love to share! I mean real problems, things that we think would make others judge us. We are so competitive we have to one-up each other when it comes to having the mythical perfect life! First world problems are really just an extension of that. The more of those you have, the higher up you are in the social hierarchy, more ‘first world’ you are, see my point? But I decided I was going let the drama of my life play out on the big screen and sit back and watch it with an audience- at least together we can laugh about it!

My second post was really what I wanted everyone to hear about. And by no stretch of imagination can you call it a first-world problem, it is quite the opposite actually- hapless immigrant trying to realize her American dream 😉 Boy oh boy, now is that lame or what! But hey, unfortunate things happen and they are out of our control. This time it happened to me. Writing about what was going on and then reading it back helped me face the reality head on. My employer treated me unfairly, but guess what, it maybe be unethical but it is absolutely legal! So what started as merely a story, eventually led to an opinion and my third post. Why do I have zero control over my destiny? Why don’t I at least have the right to plea my case with the government? I am not going to get into the details of this matter. If it piques anyone’s curiosity, second post about Immigration would give you a good idea, but let’s keep pressing on for now, ok!? 🙂

So my fourth post was along the same lines, the process of clearing my emotional cobwebs, realizing how Buffalo is really home. By now I was delving deeper into the dark recesses of my sub-conscience and my fifth post was the culmination of this catharsis. An open declaration of a disastrous love affair that I had never talked about! I guess the only thing I have learned from that travesty of a relationship is that you are never too old, or too smart, to fall for the textbook tricks of a playboy, whoops 😉

Now that I had cleansed my soul of the many burdens it was carrying, I had transcended from the purgatory of my emotions into the heaven of creative writing 🙂 A well begun writing endeavor for me has to begin with my grandfather, God bless his soul. So sixth post was my homage to him and the beginning of a new writing style. Seventh post, in retrospect, was just an outward expression of it- that I am strong and I am not going to whine anymore (did I hear anyone go “phew, thank God!“, a certain Mr. Johnny!? :P). So there I was, writing about lighter subjects, like my feline babies and being a cat person, the dearest exclamation point, and my favorite 7 words

I have come a long way from where I began, and all of you have helped me get here! Like I said yesterday, we need to let our guards down more often and we might be pleasantly surprised- well, I decided to share my story with a world of strangers, and guess what, I have new friends now! I will do my best to use my words to put a smile on your faces, and wherever life takes me, I’ll be sure to share! In conclusion, to all my friends, new and old- CHEERS 😀


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