Seven Words – Tough, but I’ll try….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”

Let me start by saying how much I love words. In fact, in my very first post, I said that words were my best friends. I have great admiration for literature and languages. I try to memorize a new word whenever I come across one; latest these days- ‘soporific‘. Ok ok, I’m going to ignore all you geniuses who already knew that one and don’t consider this an achievement 😛 But I didn’t and now I am anxiously waiting for an opportunity to very casually let it slip out in a conversation, like I have been using this word all my life, and watch the expression on my audience’s faces- are they trying to decipher what I just said, are they impressed that I knew the word, or do they really just tune me out and are blissfully clueless! I do talk a lot so it wouldn’t surprise me if there are people who tune me out from time to time, or all the time (Scotty for one, wink wink). And I guess that makes for my second-ever shout-out 😀

Well then, that was way more than seven words 😉 So having said that, I most certainly wouldn’t condone doing away with all the glorious words and keeping just seven. But let’s save them for literature, for books, and for a thoroughly engaging conversation. We don’t need big words, or a lot of words, to build relationships. So here are my favorites, and why. By-the-way, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions are not real words, they are the infrastructure required to build a sentence using words. Let’s start then:

I LOVE you: not to sound cheesy, but we really need to say that more often. Thanks to pop culture, love has become somewhat of a supernatural phenomenon; It is not! If someone consistently puts a smile on your face and makes you feel appreciated, it’s ok to love them for that. It doesn’t mean you have to jump in to bed with them, or die for them, or you know, ‘catch a grenade‘ for them 😉 So don’t overthink it, please!

I am SORRY: I like to think that most normal people have a conscience and an inherent sense of good and bad. When they make a mistake, they are aware of it and they feel bad about it. But most people are also too proud to admit when they are wrong. There is no shame in apologizing for your mistake. It’s not a sign of weakness, in fact, it takes a lot of courage to say those 3 little words. So please, apologize more, it makes you human!

I FORGIVE you: on the same token, learn to forgive people. Holding grudges is not going to bring you peace, and it certainly won’t help the other person. The simple fact that they asked for your forgiveness shows that they are suffering at the hands of their own conscience, why add to it, why not heal it. So be more generous with your forgiveness. Yes, there will be people who will say a sorry that they don’t mean, but guess what, they are the ones carrying the baggage, not you.

THANK-YOU: it’s quite a no-brainer really! And don’t just say it, mean it too. Gratitude and humility go a long way.

PLEASE: all right, I went to a convent school; sorry, please and thank you were part of more or less every sentence that we spoke. But I didn’t just speak them, I saw value in them, still do and so even today I use them generously and sincerely. There is nothing wrong with being polite. I’d rather be un-cool than rude 🙂

I TRUST you: it’s a shame we live in such a paranoid world. People don’t trust each other. I don’t remember where I read this, but someone made a good point that we teach our children to be wary of the unknown, to be suspicious of strangers, to doubt everything that is not familiar. It is a dangerous world out there I agree, but really we are just smothering their curiosity and setting the stage for an insecure adulthood. It may be a feeble example, but the movie The Croods is sorta like that. Of course, excess of everything is bad so I am not saying we should all be naive, accepting candy from strangers, but wisdom is not the same as paranoia. Let your guard down from time to time and trust people more, you might be pleasantly surprised!

CHEERS: yep, nothing like sharing a drink, with friends, with family, and even with strangers! Share a drink, celebrate, raise a toast to all that you cherish. Life is short but plentiful, depends on what you are seeking. If you like to worry, trust me, life will give you more than you can ask for! But if you like to be happy, life gives plenty of that too, all you need is a little attitude-adjustment, and alcohol is known to help with that 😉 So forget words and just enjoy that drink. But hey, drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive 😀


So those are my favorite seven. It may sound like a Sunday-school lecture, but I am an old soul, I can’t help it. Those are indeed my genuine sentiments.


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