The Happiest Little Thing in the World – !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By the Dots.”

Exclamation point!!!!!!!!

Yes, this happy guy! I cannot imagine my life without this lovely little punctuation superhero 🙂

Like everyone living in this day and age, I text a lot, or use social media and other written forms of communication. If someone were to look through my communication logs, it wouldn’t take them more than few seconds to realize how much I love using the exclamation mark. I almost did just now but I figured I would practice some restraint 😉

It is not that I am constantly psyched or live life in the superlative; I am very much grounded and in control of my emotions but I do allow myself to experience sentiments to their full potential whenever possible. So when I thank someone, even in a work email, I AM really thankful that they took the time out to help me, so I say “Thanks!”. When I answer the question “How are you doing?”, I say “Awesome!”, because more often than not, I AM really happy and I am glad that someone asked! On the same token, when I get mad at my best buddy, I tell him “I hate you!!”. The emphasis is not on the ‘hate’ but on the intensity in that statement. Obviously, I don’t hate him, he is my best friend and even in disagreement I love him, but the intensity of my transient, superficial negative sentiment calls for not just one but two exclamation points!

I am sure you see my point by now. I was excited when I saw this question, I am excited as I write this post, and I want to make sure that all this excitement isn’t lost on anyone who reads my response 🙂


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