The Homecoming


I decided not to write anything new today, except this introduction. Instead, I am going to share a poem I wrote about a year ago- my first in a very long time.

I used to write poetry regularly when I was younger. It started as something spontaneous when I was 8 but soon I was writing upon request- most times it was for the diocese publication to which my school belonged. My school was among the best and relied on good representation so my contribution was not only appreciated, but in time it came to be expected. I have written number of pieces on Independence Day (India), Christmas, Diwali- the whole array of seasonal topics. But there were some other poems that I wrote simply for the joy of writing and am still very proud of. Last year, my very proud parents decided to publish a compilation of some of my works. I wrote ‘The Homecoming’ as part of the preface to that collection.

Some background- the house where I grew up was surrounded by woods. My backyard was nestled in a beautiful canopy of trees like mango, sandalwood and guava, among others. I did most of my writing under the guava tree. It had a perfectly reclined trunk and the location was so serene- the kind that inspires creative thought. I also did some of my best writing when I was feeling rather dejected. I don’t know, it seems to me that sadness has a very artistic, almost beautiful, quality about it. Or maybe I’m just lame 😉

Oh well… So lastly, I never shared my work with anyone except my grandfather. He was my confidante, my mentor, my hero. He is the smartest man that I have met till date- one would pretty much expect that from someone with two Ph.D’s, both in organic chemistry, and one of them from Oxford- yep, genius! He has a vast collection of academic literature to his credit. He and my mom have also authored books together. But he wasn’t just scholarly smart, he had so much worldly wisdom to impart as well. He always gave me good advice, and encouraged me to dream and express myself. He passed away 10 years ago, but as long as he was alive and well, I never submitted anything for publication until he approved it. Rest of the world, family included, only saw the published work. I miss him, and this post is dedicated to him, “I love you, Dadu, thank you for everything!”


Heavy heart and restless mind,

Some words I can’t put together.

I took a journey through time today,

Drifted, like a feather.

Memories of places and faces,

Many lives, come and gone.

I’ve never been the one to get stuck,

Today though, I can’t move on.

No one said growing up was easy,

You win some, and some you lose.

And though most choices are made by times,

There are some things that you can choose.

Times have changed who I once was,

I’m a grownup now, with grown up cares-

Bills to pay, errands to run,

Loads of laundry, and dinner fares.

I haven’t picked up the pen in a while,

Busy? Sure, and lazy too.

But today I choose to write this song,

Not much, just a line or two.

Let these words be my ode,

My homage to things of yesteryears-

To the time spent under that guava tree,

To lonely hours and quiet tears.

To pensive thoughts that formed a rhyme,

To the child who was free to dream,

To the grandpa who was the guiding light,

And, to their splendid team.

To all that I loved, all that I had,

To everyone who got me here.

My gratitude knows no bounds,

My affections, most sincere.

My heart is filled with joy now,

No further do my thoughts roam.

I’ve managed to put some words together,

And with these words I’ve come home.

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